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Embracing Multilingual Training: Insights from ATD24

Is your organization taking full advantage of multilingual training, or are you missing a critical strategic opportunity?

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The role of Post-Editing in Machine Translation for global businesses

Businesses and institutions are constantly on the lookout for the best ways to bridge language gaps. But with so many translation solutions available, we know it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which one suits...

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Implementing Language Access: A guide for organizations

When you offer a service, especially if it’s a vital one such as education or healthcare, then communication is part of the work. While choosing the right words and tone is an excellent start, in our multicultural...

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Medical Document Translation: 5 Key tips for accurate results

In today's globalized world, accurate and reliable medical document translation is essential for delivering quality healthcare services. Medical documents, such as patient records, clinical trial results, and research...

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Understanding ASL: The basics of American Sign Language

American Sign Language, is a crucial form of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing community. But what exactly is ASL and why is it so important? Read more in this detailed guide that we have prepared!

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Website Localization: Step by step to go global

In today's digital age, companies looking to expand their reach need to understand the importance of website localization. But how to start it? What is important to be localized in a website?

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ESL: How to provide language access in different contexts

In a world that is increasingly global, the necessity for understanding and engaging with English as a Second Language (ESL) is paramount. This article explores the significance of ESL, the importance of providing...

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Best-Fit Translation: Quality and Automation

How do mature localization programs achieve high-quality translation and automated workflows at the same time?

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Take a Page From Mr. Beast’s Playbook… Localize!

Here’s an obvious statement: Businesses need to grow. If you’re a business owner or stakeholder, you have certainly lost sleep worrying about how to grow your business. How to hit targets for the quarter? How to hit...

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How a Language Service Provider Can Support Language Access Planning & Strategy

Organizations that serve diverse communities must ensure meaningful access to information and services for all, including people with limited English proficiency (LEP). This is not just best practice; in many cases,...

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Why and How to Switch Localization Vendors

When your company began localizing its materials, the project may have had a limited scope, focusing on a single language or location. In this situation, it can make sense to work with a single-language localization...

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Getting Started with Localization: The Minimum Viable Team

As a business leader thinking about going global, your focus may be on translating a web page or tech manual that you want to make available in a new market. Ad hoc translation is a start, but as you grow globally you...

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