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Does your current language solutions partner understand your nonprofit's needs?

Without a skilled language partner, your nonprofit may face governmental compliance issues or language barriers with Limited English Proficient (LEP), non-English-speaking, and Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHoH) donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, or key stakeholders. Our team of translation, interpretation, and localization experts can offer your team accessible resources to help you overcome any language barrier and remain in compliance with any regulations.

Who We Serve:

Marketing Coordinators
Donor Relations Directors
Internal Operations Directors
General Counsel

How We Can Help

We have an extensive network of knowledgeable translators, interpreters, and localization experts with experience working with non-profits across the west coast. Our services support non-profits in a variety of ways.

Community Outreach Material Translations

Translate your reports, marketing materials, and brochures into a language your donors and other stakeholders can easily understand.

Conference & Special Events

Are you planning a conference for your organization with international attendees? Ensure they can understand all your key points with an experienced interpreter accurately relaying your message to them.

Website Localization

Adapt your non-profit's website to a global audience. Our localization experts can help your organization appeal to a worldwide audience and create a finalized product that seamlessly blends into another culture.

Why Choose Language Network?

Partnering with us enables your organization to work in over 200 languages. We are experts in the language industry with 125 years of collective experience. Our collaborative and holistic approach ensures effective and seamless language support to your organization. Above all, we are dedicated and passionate about the positive impact we make by delivering timely and technology-oriented language solutions to you.


We're proud members and contributors to the Association of Language Companies (ALC), American Translators Association (ATA), and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

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How Can We Help?

Get in touch with our team to enable language support for your organization.