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Understanding ASL: The basics of American Sign Language

American Sign Language, is a crucial form of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing community. But what exactly is ASL and why is it so important? Read more in this detailed guide that we have prepared!


ESL: How to provide language access in different contexts

In a world that is increasingly global, the necessity for understanding and engaging with English as a Second Language (ESL) is paramount. This article explores the significance of ESL, the importance of providing...


How a Language Service Provider Can Support Language Access Planning & Strategy

Organizations that serve diverse communities must ensure meaningful access to information and services for all, including people with limited English proficiency (LEP). This is not just best practice; in many cases,...


Education Language Access Requirements for California's K-12 Schools

The Migration Policy Institute issued a Limited English Proficient Population in the United States in 2015. The organization reported 61.6 million U.S. residents spoke languages other than English. Twenty-five million...


Language Access in Insurance: Helping LEP Consumers Get Access to the Marketplace

Health insurance is a necessity for every person living in the United States. The Affordable Health Care Act allowed more uninsured people to get covered. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 91.2 percent of Americans...


The Right to Language in a Medical Crisis

Who is at fault when parents misunderstand medical instructions due to a language barrier, and their child dies as a result? Public pressure to answer that question caused laws to evolve several times recently because...


Language Access Plans (LAP) and City Governments

Improving active involvement in local government for all citizens is important to many cities, but sometimes it’s not easy to know where to start. A language access plan (LAP) can provide you with a roadmap that the...


Elections, Federal Compliance, And Translation: What You Should Know

With another election coming up, many voters are already thinking about casting their ballots fairly soon. US citizens who speak languages other than English will often have access to election materials in their primary...


Improving Healthcare through Language Access to Medical Translation and Interpreting

It is important that translators in the healthcare sector are familiar with HIPAA and carefully comply with all HIPAA regulations. Since HIPAA’s designed to protect patients and preserve privacy in healthcare,...