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Certified and Professional Translation 


Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreters for your next event or meeting


On-Site Interpreting

Interpreters for Medical, Legal, and Community Settings


Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Access to interpreters on-demand 

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Smarter Translation

With Language Network, you get the power of experienced project managers and technology to deliver quality translation.

fast turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Our large team and in-house software allow us to deliver your translation quickly at competitive rates.

Language Experts

Language Experts

Not sure what language you need or need advice on a language situation? Our linguists are experienced in legal, technical, and medical fields to provide accurate translations.

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"As Director of English Learner service programs in a public school district, I have found the translation and Interpreting services of Language Network to be INDISPENSABLE... We can always count on Language Network to provide skilled, reliable, and pleasant translators at a reasonable cost

Director of English Learners Program

School District

"We utilize Language Network for document translation of newsletters, notices, articles, and mailers. The translation services have always been completed on time. I highly recommend Language Network!"

City Clerk

California City

"The best interpreting company I've worked with in my 16 years in worker's comp defense."


Glendale, Ca

“They provide us with the best quality service by far. Their interpreters are courteous, well-mannered, on-time, and professional. I recommend them for any interpreting needs."

Social Services Administrator

Orange, Ca

"Very friendly staff! So easy to work with. They are always able to fill our language needs for on-site interpreters for IEPs even rare languages!"

Director of Special Education

Riverside, Ca

Professional translation and interpreting
services for your industry

Our Voice

Lawyers act on behalf of their clients at some of the most challenging times of their lives. Legal advocacy is often a very serious matter, when an individual's freedom may be at stake. In this high-stress environment, effective communication between client and advocate is always difficult, but it becomes even harder when there is a language barrier. Translation services significantly reduce that burden, helping attorneys to provide the best possible work for people who depend on them.

Why is Communication So Important?

When a lawyer retains a client, he or she has broad authority to act on the client's behalf. This authority is not without checks and balances, but without proper communication it is easy for misunderstandings to occur. This not only hampers the lawyer's ability to follow the client's instructions, but to properly convey advice. Communication must be free, open, and accurate, in order for the lawyer to fully understand the circumstances and to give adequate representation.

Who is at fault when parents misunderstand medical instructions due to a language barrier, and their child dies as a result? Public pressure to answer that question caused laws to evolve several times recently because of such a situation.

Improving active involvement in local government for all citizens is important to many cities, but sometimes it’s not easy to know where to start. A language access plan (LAP) can provide you with a roadmap that the entire city government can use to help determine where each department is at in the process of increasing language accessibility. From there, the city can consider progress towards specific benchmarks that were created to guide the process. With a LAP, your city knows what language access goals are in-progress, which local languages are prominent, and how your government agencies plan to improve accessibility. LAPs provide guidance and serve as useful tools in promoting language accessibility in city governments.

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The K-12 Educators Guide to Language Access and Support