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We understand that translation is more than transferring words from one language to another, it requires a mastery of language and a thorough understanding of culture and industry.


Seamlessly communicate verbally across language barriers through in-person, over-the-
phone, or video interpretation. Our team of interpreters is available on short notice and on demand
for last-minute interpretation needs.


Connect with your new customers in an international market by localizing your message. Our localization services help you create culturally relevant content your audience can easily connect with and understand.

Languages Available

With over 200 countries and over 7,000 dialects spoken internationally, it’s vital your language solutions partner can handle requests for written translations or interpreters for even the rarest languages and dialects. Our team currently works with over 200 languages.


Industries We Work With

Our translators and interpreters have years of industry-specific experience and understand each industry's terminology. We’re proud to provide our clients with industry-specific, accurate translations, timely interpretations, and tailored localization services.

Why Choose Language Network?

Partnering with us enables your organization to work in over 200 languages. We are experts in the language industry with 40 years of experience. Our collaborative and holistic approach ensures effective and seamless language support to your organization. Above all, we are dedicated and passionate about the positive impact we make by delivering timely and technology-oriented language solutions to you. We're proud members and contributors to the Association of Language Companies (ALC), American Translators Association (ATA), and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

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What Our Customers Say

“Very friendly team! So easy to work with.”

Nurse Case Manager,

Orange County, Calif.

“They are always able to fill our language needs for an on-site interpreter even in rare

Medical Clinic,

Los Angeles, Calif.

“Very friendly staff! So easy to work with. They are always able to fill our language needs
for on-site interpreters for IEPs, even rare languages!”

Director of Special Education,

Riverside, Calif.

How Can We Help?

Get in touch with our team to enable language support for your organization.