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Language Access For Voters

An essential component of getting everyone to the polls to vote is to make the process as simple as possible. Part of that struggle is to make the instructions for voting available in as many languages as possible....

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American Sign Language Interpreting During the Age of COVID-19

In the United States, nearly 35 million adults ages 18 and older live with some form of hearing disabilities. Unfortunately, the recent coronavirus outbreak has created additional communication barriers for deaf and...

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Meet our Team: Stacy Harjer

Meet Stacy Harjer, Director of Business Development for Language Network.

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Language Network Ranked Among the World's Top Interpreting Companies

We are proud to announce that Language Network has been awarded as one of the top 20 in-person and over-the-phone interpreting providers in the world by CSA Research, featured by Slator.

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The Importance of Language in Crisis Preparation

Being able to communicate effectively is always important, though it becomes even more critical when an urgent crisis is at hand. Unfortunately, many people's crisis preparation plans do not include anything to cover...

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How Learning a New Language Can Benefit Your Health

Learning something new can be both exciting and challenging. With the pandemic of COVID-19 landing millions of people at home, many are taking advantage of the learning opportunities the extra time brings.

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6 Best Practices for Video Remote Interpreters

Interpreting for a live event or meeting requires a great deal of attention and skill from the interpreter. Professionalism is a must, as is understanding of the context and tone of the conversation in order to provide...

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Video Remote Interpreting Services

We understand that our consumers' needs are changing, especially with the pandemic of COVID-19. That is why we have added Video Remote Interpreting to our services. VRI allows for quality interactions to still take...

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The Difference between Localization and Globalization

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela It is easier to build trust and understanding when you communicate...

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America's Growing Diversity

This year, the U.S. federal government will conduct the long-awaited 2020 Census. This extraordinary survey will measure how America's population has evolved since 2010 after the nation experienced monumental changes in...

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Case Study: Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a humanitarian non-profit organization that seeks to support people all over the world through disasters. Their mission is to improve the lives of all people. They have helped communities through issues...

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2020 Elections: 7 Ways to Encourage Your Residents to Vote

Looking back at our recent voting history can be unnerving: of the total voter eligible ballots counted in 2014 (a non-presidential election), only 63.3% of the voter eligible population voted, a 72-year low. Put...

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