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Language Support for Education

Bringing Languages Together


Diversity in our Schools

There is a growing diversity of languages spoken in the classroom and it is important that these rising needs are met. We provide culturally relevant translation and interpreting services in over 200 languages so that students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn. 

 It is important to have linguists who are experienced in the languages they provide and are familiar with the cultural background necessary. This allows them to provide the most accurate translations and interpretations, maintaining the intended meaning so that messages remain intact.

Education is your Mission - Language Access is ours.

Professional language services to enable educators.


Document Translation

Reports, Notices, and Flyers translated into your students and families preferred language



On-Site Interpreting

Professional Interpreting on location to facilitate school meetings


Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand interpreting for educators to communicate on the phone



Video Remote Interpreting

Professional interpreters for remote meetings, on-demand

What Are People Saying?

“Very friendly staff! So easy to work with. They are always able to fill our language needs for on-site interpreters for IEPs even rare languages!”

Director of Special Education
Riverside CA

“As Director of English Learner service programs in a public school district, I have found the translation and interpreting services of Language Network to be INDISPENSABLE... We can always count on Language Network to provide skilled, reliable, and pleasant translators at a reasonable cost.”

Director of English Learners Program


Why Language Network?

We are California's leading provider of professional interpreting and translation to over 35 school districts and higher education institutions. Language Network has 27+ years of expertise in educational settings. Our goal is to always provide accurate, affordable, and accessible language solutions to educators, school district staff, and the community.

Trusted by Special Education Departments, English Learners, Student Services, Education Services, Psychologists, Teachers.

 On-Site Interpreting Settings

  • Onsite Parent-Teacher Conference
  • School Events and Meetings
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Over-the-phone between school staff and parents/guardians


Translation Requests

  • Transcripts, Diplomas, Certificates
  • Enrollment or course information
  • Flyers, Notices, Evaluations
  • IEP's, Psychological Reports


Language Network Benefits



Improved Student Outcome

Get the best out of each student, especially those in English language learning situations.


Compliant with Access Laws

Know you have an experienced partner helping you stay compliant with language access regulations


Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Engage your students and families across cultural and linguistic barriers


Frequently Asked Questions


What are your prices?
Pricing depends entirely on the subject matter, language, and speed of delivery.    
We are happy to provide an estimate for any specific needs. Please visit the  Translation Request Page to submit the file or email to staff@languagenetworkusa.com and we will be happy to assist.
What languages do you provide?
We have over 200 languages available, including Armenian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Tagalog, and many more. You can see our complete list of languages here.
Are you certified?
Certification of interpreters only really matters in relation to state and federal courts and medical situations in certain languages and is not applicable to translators. We do certify all of our translations, guaranteeing that they are accurate and complete.

The K-12 Educators Guide to Language Access and Support