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Ensuring your message is conveyed accurately

Accurate translation is within reach! No matter how complex, we can help you translate your project with ease.


Cultural Relevance 

Translation is more than transferring words into another language. Done correctly, translation requires a thorough understanding of the culture, industry, and mastery of the language.  We ensure your message is relevant to the target audience not only linguistically but culturally.


Project Management  

We will support you with an experienced project manager who will make sure your project is accurate for it's intended use and will coordinate your project through our quality control process.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee your message to be relevant and appropriate for it's intended use and audience. Our four-step quality control process is to ensure your satisfaction and deliver a relevant and appropriate translation for it's intended audience and purpose.

Language Network can easily translate any type of content. Our document translation services have been utilied across these industries, including:

  • Education: Parent Notices, Special Programs or Special Education Documents
  • Insurance: Claims forms, policy information, reports or statements
  • Legal: Contracts, Forms, or Discovery Documents
  • Government: Notices of election, rights, consent, Election Ballots, Letters to community, Outreach information
  • Healthcare: Medical Documents, Instructions, Notices of Eligibility or Enrollment, Patient Forms, Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Documents and Reports
  • Business: Product information, customer support content, marketing content, employee training material


Our Process

We utilize professional human translators to ensure each translation project conveys the meaning of original text, reads smoothly, and is free from errors in grammar or spelling.  Our team is high-touch and available to customize the project based on it's intended single or ongoing use.  Each project is managed through a three-step process of translation, editing, proofreading, and revising or formatting by a minimum of two professional translators to ensure accuracy every time.


Quality Standards and Security

We provide you with accurate translation, white-glove customer service, and stringent security and privacy of your data and documents. Language Network is an active member of the American Translators Association (ATA), the Association of Language Companies (ALC), and the California Healthcare Interpreter Association (CHIA)


Print Ready Document Translation

Have documents designed and ready for distribution but need to be translated? Don't worry, we will provide you with usable, print-ready materials in any language and any format. From brochures and catalogs to posters and promotional material, we deliver the job complete and ready for distribution or printing.  Our team can guide you through the translation and formatting process to ensure effectiveness in any foreign market.

translation process

"Very helpful; very dependable; respond almost immediately to translation requests. Overall just an awesome service.  Very pleased with the quality of the translations."- Law Office Secretary

Language Network Translation

See how translation support can positively impact your organization by engaging your consumers in other languages and cultures.

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