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Meet Our Team: Caroline Calderaro

Meet Caroline Calderaro, Marketing and Operations Coordinator for Language Network.


Caroline graduated from Westmont College where she completed a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Economics and Business, hoping to use these skills to pursue marketing. She was initially attracted to Language Network for its core values, including humility, empathy, and adaptability. Since working with the company, Caroline has grown to admire the language industry’s focus on people and its ability to allow others to communicate effectively, leading her to develop a newfound passion for the industry. 


Caroline loves exploring and taking advantage of all there is to do around her in Santa Barbara. Her weekends are often spent swimming in the ocean, camping in the mountains, driving somewhere new, or going wine tasting. She especially enjoys getting to connect with her friends over these shared experiences and adventures. Caroline says one of the things she can’t live without is the ocean, providing as a wonderful escape when life gets hectic and a beautiful backdrop to her daily routine. She is also an avid reader and enjoys spending her mornings reading a good book on her front porch with, of course, a cup of coffee.


Caroline highly values dependability, feeling the strongest relationships are formed when people are able to count on one another. She also values thoughtfulness, with the idea that the world is a better place when people take others into account. She’s a big advocate for being intentional with one’s actions, of thinking before acting as a way of preventing unwanted repercussions and miscommunications. 

About Language Network

Language Network is a language solutions company specializing in interpretation, translation, and localization services for government, healthcare, and international businesses. Language Network provides critical language access and support in over 200 languages. For more information, visit www.languagenetworkusa.com.

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