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Language Network

A family of language brands

Who We Are

We are a family of language companies with a mission to break down language barriers and help organizations communicate effectively with the world. 

We are improving and expanding language access in our diverse communities by continuing to expand our network of complementary language companies


Our Family of Language Companies Includes…

  • 125+ Years In Business
  • 4,000 Expert Linguists
  • 200+ Languages and Dialects


Our Brands

Our family of companies includes Language Network, Language Exchange, Academy of Languages, and International Contact bringing together 125 years of combined expertise. 

Our companies share a common mission and entrepreneurial approach. Collectively,  we are empowered to deliver impactful language solutions to our clients so they can achieve success. 

Language Network offers comprehensive language solutions to clients with an increased depth of resources, expertise, and diverse languages. 


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Industry Expertise and Quality Client Experience

With our 125 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with language solutions that exceed expectations.  We partner with our clients to deliver precise, professional, and prompt translation no matter the industry or scope. 

Industries We Serve:

Language Network’s family of companies are experts in translation and interpretation services across healthcare, government, education, legal, international business, and highly technical industries.  No matter the industry, we speak your customers' language. 


Community Focused and Culturally Relevant

We speak your customers' language. Going beyond just speaking their language, we believe in being culturally relevant by working with interpreters and translators in market or local to your target audience.

We enrich the communities we serve by enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding. Being versed in over 200 languages and dialects, we can provide services for any community in the world, always ensuring accuracy and relevance. 


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