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On-Site Interpreting

Access to certified and qualified interpreters to meet you where you are

Easy to request, track, and manage your on-site interpreting with Language Network


On-site Interpreting services with Language Network are designed to support facilities that have an ongoing need for reliable face-to-face interpretation whether in spoken word or in American Sign Language. (ASL)

Our interpreting network is extensive with over 4000 professional interpreters across the state of California.  You can easily schedule an appointment or last-minute same-day situations. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, and comply with government regulations with the quality onsite interpreting


Quality Interpretation and Privacy without Compromise 

We fill every assignment with quality interpreters that have been meticiously vetted by our team for relevant professional experience, native language fluency, industry credentials, and certification for legal or medical settings.

  • Interpreters have a minimum of two years professional experience as well as completion of an interpreter training program and or maintain certification at a state or national level for medical or legal settings.
  • Our interpreters sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an Interpreter Code of Ethics that guarantees confidentiality and security of your consumer's sensitive information is handled with the utmost care.
  • Interpreter assignment is culturally sensitive – requesting the gender and dialect of the interpreter can be specified.

"Always able to assist in providing interpreters; even on short notice. Amazing to have access to interpreters even in rare languages."- Insurance Adjuster 

Language Network On-site Interpreting

See how on-site interpreting  can enable your organization in public meetings or face-to-face with your consumers who speak limited English.