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Language Access

Solutions for Healthcare

Over 27 years of experience helping clinics, specialists, and health plans across California.  Enabling cross-cultural care to consumers in their preferred foreign language.

Improved quality of care and compliance with language access laws with professional translation and interpreting.

Healthcare Document Translation
Document Translation 

Notices, Patient Forms, or Marketing Material translated into your consumers' preferred language

Healthcare On-Site Interpreting
On-Site Interpreting

Certified and Qualified Interpreters on-site to facilitate care

Healthcare Over-the-Phone Interpreting
Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand interpreting to communicate or schedule with your consumers on the phone 

Healthcare Multicultural Consulting
Multicultural Consulting and Language Access Best-Practices

Best-practices to enable your healthcare organization 

Why Work With Us?

Language Network helps healthcare organizations communicate easily and effectively with their patients. Over 27 years experience providing professional healthcare language services. We have helped hundreds of healthcare facilities improve the quality of care and control costs.

Language Network medical interpreting and translation allow you to improve the quality of patient care and optimize health outcomes, and remain compliant with equal access legislation.


Compliance and Certification:

Our medical interpreters are carefully vetted and have completed rigorous training and extensive credentialing specific to healthcare.  Training includes extensive medical and pharmaceutical terms and vocabulary.

Our professional medical interpreters are bound by HIPAA regulations, signed confidentiality agreements, and enforced by the interpreters Code of Professional Ethics.  We are complaint with standards set by national healthcare accreditation organizations.


 We help you ensure the following:

Equal access for a diverse range of patients

Compliance with government regulations an Joint Commission standards

Confidentiality with HIPAA-certified interpreters

Reduce risk of misdiagnosis

Increased quality of medical care 


Trusted by:

  • Urgent Care  and Specialty Clinics

  • Physician's Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Group Health Plans

  • Mental Health Facilities


Healthcare Language Support

Improved Language Support across departments

Healthcare Equal Access Regulations

Comply with Equal Access Regulations


Multicultural Family

Better Serve your Diverse Consumers

Get the Educators Guide to Language Access

Understand what's mandated by law and best-practices to provide language support to your students and families.