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Language Access

Solutions for Government

Over 27 years of experience helping Government agencies across Municipal, State, and Federal levels. Enabling cross-cultural communication to consumers in their preferred foreign language.

We help government agencies provide equal language access to their constituents, regardless of the language

Government Document Translation
Document Translation 

Notices, Educational , or Elections material translated into your consumers preferred language

Government On Site Interpreting
On-Site Interpreting

Professional Interpreting on-site in both consecutive and simultaneous forms 

Government Over the Phone Interpreting
Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand interpreting to communicate with your consumers on the phone 

Government Language Access consulting
Multicultural Consulting and Language Access Best-Practices

Best-practices to enable your government agency to support consumers across language barriers

Why Work With Us?

We are California's leading provider of professional interpreting and translation to Government agencies from municipal government or state agencies.  Language Network has 27+ years expertise supporting government organizations.  

We know how important accuracy and compliance is to engaging and communicating with your consumers .  You can rely on us for the highest quality interpreting and translation, every time.  Whether you’re using an interpreter over-the-phone or an on-site interpreter for a community meeting, we’ll provide you with a qualified linguist that’s familiar with your subject matter.

Trusted by hundreds of government organizations.


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Improved Language Support across departments

The Capitol and Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC.

Comply with Equal Access Regulations


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Better Serve your Diverse Consumers

How to Develop a Language Access Program

This e-book will show you how to develop a language access program for your school, local government, or organization.