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Video Remote Interpreting Services

We understand that our consumers' needs are changing, especially with the pandemic of COVID-19. That is why we have added Video Remote Interpreting to our services. VRI allows for quality interactions to still take place with non-English speakers, even when in-person isn't possible.

We will be offering the same quality interpreting we have delivered in-person for over 27 years via Video Remote Interpreting


What is Video Remote Interpretation?

Use of video remote interpreting (VRI) has been rapidly growing with the quick and easy accessibility to interpreters that it provides. VRI is a video telecommunication service that offers communication with a remote interpreter. Primarily, VRI employs a digital screen, webcam, and a stable internet connection to eliminate the communication barrier by offering real-time access to a Sign Language or Spoken Language Interpreter.


The Benefits of Using Video Remote Interpreting Services

  • Cost-efficient. VRI fills the gap between on-site interpretation and over-the-phone solutions. In-person interpreting requires a two-hour minimum charge and is pricier due to travel time for interpreters. VRI helps you minimize your interpretation budget and benefit from live visual support. When looking for a premium VRI provider, be sure to inquire if there are additional hourly charges associated with their video solution. Part of Language Network's commitment to our clients is to seek ways to optimize your budget.
  •  Cultural differences. An over-the-phone interpretation can be straightforward and convenient, but it does not consider the aspects of facial expressions, body language, or hand movements. 
  •  Remote ASL. The visual support linked to VRI makes American Sign Language interpreting possible, even when on-site interpreters are not available.
  •  On-Demand for Emergency Situations. When you set up a separate VRI account with us, you are able to access video remote interpreters within minutes for any emergency situation. The quick access to VRI interpreters is also helpful in the event that an on-site interpreter is not available and you need a fast alternative solution. We utilize Bluestream Health's technology to help facilitate a seamless conversation 24/7/365. This form of requesting would be most useful for:
    • Unique language requests
    • When both speaking parties are present together
    • When an on-site interpreter is not available
    • Last-minute requests
  •  Scheduled Response. Utilizing your current account with us, you can also request a remote video interpreter ahead of time. This form of scheduling allows you to add an interpreter to whatever video platform you are already using for any video calls, as opposed to using our separate platform. You can request scheduled VRI interpreters via our email staff@languagenetworkusa.com, the way you would for an on-site interpreter. This mode of requesting is best suited for:
    • Remote conferences/meetings
    • Three-way video calls
    • Requesting a specific interpreter

Industries Making Use of VRI Technology

Some industries currently utilizing this type of service are:

  • Education (Higher Education, K-12)
  • Healthcare (Clinics, Private Practices, Hospitals, and so on)
  • Insurance
  • Legal/ Judicial
  • Government agencies

And many others!

Compliance and Confidentiality in Video Remote Interpreting 

Security and confidentiality are imperative in language access. Language Network is 100% compliant with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Our solutions- as with other language translation providers- strictly abide with other government stipulations, including the following:

What to Look for When Transitioning to VRI

A host of VRI platforms are robust enough to connect your limited English Speakers to accredited, US native interpreters within the touch of a button! Ensure you make a well-informed choice when it comes to choosing a reliable language support provider. Here is the bottom line: their video application should be simple, secure, and seamless and boast:

  • Compatibility across many devices
  • High audio & video quality
  • A Cost-effective interpretation plan
  • End-to-end encrypted connections
  • Compliance with ADA, HITECH, and HIPAA regulations
  • Competitive rates
  • Over 95% Uptime Service Level Guarantee

Get Started With Language Network's Proven VRI

Visual support is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, so you never have to break a sweat. We've got your language access needs covered. We would love to customize a plan to suit your organization's specific needs.

Email us at staff@languagenetworkusa.com to request VRI or to set up a new account.

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