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How to Find Quality Interpreter Services for Schools

There is an urgent need among schools for more interpreters who are able to be physically present and provide quality services. English Learners are in need of these services in order to receive a quality education, as well as non-English speaking parents who desire to know what and how their children are doing in class. It can be troubling when looking for interpreters to fill these needs if you don't know quite what to look for.

What to Look For

In order to fill this need, schools should pay attention to a few factors. They should look for:

  • Objectivity
    • Does the interpreter leave their input out of their interpretation? Are they providing pure interpretations while keeping the message in tact?
  • Reliability

    • Is the interpreter reliable? Do they show up where they say they will when they say they will be there?
  • Professionalism
    • Is the interpreter respectful of the staff they work with as well as the students and their parents? Do they know the relevant terms?
  • Cultural Knowledge
    • Does the interpreter know enough about the culture to interpret in a way that is honoring of the original message and intent?

Where to Look

It is important that schools have interpreters who relay the message of the teachers and staff accurately and completely to both the students and parents. This is especially important in high profile situations. In such a situation, schools should look for an unbiased outside party who can ensure that they are getting all the detailed information they need.

Often, the best place to look for quality interpreters is through a language service provider. Finding an interpreter through a provider can help ensure professionalism and objectivity. Choosing an appropriate provider can assure you that you will receive quality interpreters who have gone through a thorough hiring process and provide you with services you can rely on.


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