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Get to Know Our Linguists: Mercedes Marleaux

Meet Mercedes Marleaux, one of the linguists we work with!

Mercedes has been working with us from the beginning, she has a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and is fluent in French, German, Spanish, and English. Her favorite go-to snacks are mixed salad and sushi. In her free time, Mercedes loves to be outdoors, especially near the ocean, and to read. Some of her favorite activities include hiking, long distance biking, and surfing with her son and husband, a retired pro-surfer.

She started her training as a linguist under Alisa Evans, the founder of Language Network, and began  working for the company when she was 18. Her role as a linguist gave her the flexibility she needed through college and to travel. She and her husband take part in non-profit work around the world, resulting in them traveling lots and being able to see many different countries. Mercedes loves languages and the ability they give her to communicate with others when she travels. She was born in Argentina, where she first learned Spanish, and was able to spend time immersed in both France and Germany, strengthening her French and German language skills.

Mercedes was inspired to enter the translation industry by her mother who also translated for Language Network. She loves that they were able to help each other learn and says it was an amazing experience learning under her mother who is "one of the best translators anywhere.” Her favorite parts about her role are that she is able to customize her schedule to fit her lifestyle and that she is able to help others grasp what is being said. Mercedes finds joy in conveying messages seamlessly for those who wouldn’t otherwise understand, making it sound as though it came straight from the source without any translation at all. She finds it most frustrating when she sees sloppy work, when translators just don’t seem to care, using non-standard language or deviating from the original language used.

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