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Case Study: Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a humanitarian non-profit organization that seeks to support people all over the world through disasters. Their mission is to improve the lives of all people.

They have helped communities through issues such as poor health conditions, disease outbreaks, and hurricane relief. 

In one of their most recent projects, Direct Relief provided aid in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. They mobilized medical aid into the area involving airlifts, disbursement of Emergency Health Kits, and financial aid to healthcare providers and medical professionals. Direct Relief provided over $62 million of medical aid to health centers in Puerto Rico and plans to continue providing aid as long as it is needed.

Direct Relief had to overcome many hurdles to provide assistance to those in distress, one of which was the language barrier. They had no in-house Spanish speakers and needed material translated as quickly as possible to get to their teams heading overseas. They wanted to provide materials for survivors and disperse information throughout the area, as quickly as possible. This is when they decided to contact Language Network and ask for help. We were able to translate their files for them in 48 hours so that they could share their materials as quickly as possible.

The relief team greatly appreciated that they were able to receive the translated material in such a timely matter, in time for their press release. Jenna Cox from Direct Relief expressed,

“[Our orders] often come short-notice, so having an established relationship with a company who is able to accommodate our needs means so much to us, and those we serve!”

The translated materials allowed them to share their work so that those who needed help were aware of the services available to them.

Direct Relief has continued work with Language Network after this and we have been able to fill their rush order needs. We enjoy the relationship we have built and look forward to continuing to help them pursue their efforts in the future.

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